BoydsBengals is a small cattery about 30 minutes from beautiful Savannah, Georgia. They breed beautiful bengal cats for sale as pets, breeders and potential show cats.

Project Summary

SEO Optimization

Social Media Integration

Web Design

Web Development


Logo Design

Full CMS

Client Brief

Here kitty kitty! Talk about total website overhaul. Moving to a content management system, complete with SEO implementation, full responsiveness and oodles of galleries and bengal images were really just the beginning to this masterpiece. Optimizing the end-user experience was ultimately the goal here, adding some flavor and throwing in a prescription for fever (jungle fever) would add to this site's success.

Client Solutions

More cowbell in the form of total jungle cat awesomeness really gets this baby purrin'. That's right, now users can surf these pretty pages and learn all about bengals, the 4 w's+h to owning one, and peep some adorable kittens along the way. Implementing forms and ecommerce calls-to-action further solidify the framework behind this site; upgrading to a stellar content management system complete with custom post types helps these breeders provide a more optimal shopping experience and structured approach to organizing their content. Look no further future bengal cat owners, Savannah's number one bengal breeder is now up and running with a totally improved website that is sure to please both aesthetically and functionally. Meeeeoooowwww!

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