Difference Consulting

Jen Roberts, an executive coach and leadership development expert who specializes in helping business leaders and their teams create engaged, productive, empowered work environments.

Project Summary

SEO Optimization

Social Media Integration

Print Design

Web Design

Web Development


Full CMS

Client Brief

Search and find, intelligent website presentation and a colorful re-design of an existing website. Always game for a unique project, Boost was tasked with re-creating Difference Consulting on the web. To include a vast array of subpages that would highlight the many talents and custom service offerings of this successful executive coach. A prime focus being on the end-user, potential clients, this website had to be fully responsive, social media smart and populated with multiple custom contact forms.

Client Solutions

Eager to get this project started, Boost dove right in to re-creating Difference Consulting's website. Conscious of the audience of executives and leaders that would be perusing this site, we designed a well schemed site layout complete with testimonials and reviews. Highlighting the abundance of credentials and noteworthy clients in Difference's portfolio was an added visual bonus. Carefully selecting intelligent keywords to improve search engine optimization was well devised and executed. Custom contact forms and downloadable tools and brochures tie this website together quite nicely. The quirky little design accents marry quite well with the positive energy of this brand. We couldn't help but indulge ourselves in the 'can-do' attitude along the way!

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