Economic Exterminators

Economic Exterminators provides residential pest control and commercial pest control in communities from Savannah to Rincon, Pooler, Richmond Hill, and other communities in Chatham, Effingham, and Bryan Counties. Pest control includes cockroaches, rodents, ants, mosquitos, bed bugs, and many more pests.

Project Summary

PPC Ad Campaign

SEO Optimization

Marketing Dashboard

Lead Generation Reports

Content Writing

Backlink Campaign

PR Releases

Citation Cleanup

Citation Creation

Social Media Integration

Web Design

Web Development

Full CMS

Client Brief

In need of serious search engine optimization, social media enhancements and a new marketing campaign, Economic Exterminators approached Boost by Design with several exciting opportunities. In need of a complete site re-design and PR ad campaign too, Boost by Design was to create a more user-friendly website with revised written content and enhancements to images and video. Never one to shy away from such vigorous duties, we couldn't have been more intrigued by the agenda that lay ahead of us.

Client Solutions

Boy, did we learn about some insects! Certain to include all of the most relevant keywords and ad incentives for this distinct industry, Boost improved the entire infrastructure of the existing template and made it far more socially connected and media responsive. Leaving little ??rawl space??to the imagination, customers are now instantly driven to this content rich, fact filled website wonder. It?? not just the bugs that are being exterminated; sluggish backlinks and meaningless browser rankings have been replaced by clever calls-to-action, coupon clippings and the most optimal local standing in search engines, number 1! High five Economic!

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