Encryption Escape

From corporate team building to your own team of friends, the real escape adventure game is a family friendly entertainment experience where players are challenged to solve a mission within 60 minutes using only their wits. Mimicking the world of video games, players enter a high production value, themed adventure room and while immersed in this new setting, they locate clues, crack codes, and solve puzzles in order to accomplish their assigned mission... Encryption is an innovative and highly entertaining experience not to be missed!

Project Summary

Web Development

Client Brief

The team at Encryption Escape sought after our services and approached us with a new website adventure. To create a website that highlighted their unique hospitality experiences (can we say Shanghai Savannah!), provided thrill seekers with plenty of clues, tips and tricks and of course highlighted the many games and clever experiences they have to offer tourists and Savannah natives alike. In need of a booking system, game previews and fancy leader boards, we quickly jumped at the opportunity that lay ahead of us.

Client Solutions

Sounds! Gears! Open seas! Totally epic! This site is much more than meets the eye (hint: check out the homepage!); it’s loads of fun and games too. Live action adventure games are quite the rage so providing clients with ample information about what to expect and how to play was of utmost importance. Not to mention, incorporating booking ability, contact forms, waivers and more, we took advantage of this domain and spared no expense. Pirates and guests now cruise these pages with no shortage of visual effects, FAQs and clever snippets of clues to get the fun going. Arrrgh you ready to play? We are!

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