Fiddlers' Seafood

Fiddlers' Seafood pays tribute to the history of our community?? hard working families who established the fishing industry in our area. Enjoying fresh seafood daily, when you dine at Fiddlers' you will be surrounded by photos and artifacts of our rich seafood industry.

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Byron and his team of experts go above and beyond to create a working environment that bridges the gap between technical lingo and layman's terms. The digital world of marketing can be very intimidating especially not knowing who to trust but I would definitely recommend Boost! Professional, Competitive, Cutting Edge, and I could go on and on!

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Client Brief

Live Oak Restaurant Group was looking for an updated design all of their restaurant's websites. The primary focus was to create an attractive, responsive site that placed a premium on the user experience. Another detail was that all of the restaurant sites needed to be similar enough in order to accurately represent the Live Oak brand; however, ample attention to design was given to the individual sites so that the unique flavor of each venue could still shine through.

Client Solutions

We took on a user experience study to determine the most useful features for restaurant websites and based our site design around that. Ensuring responsiveness and placing a premium on the mobile user, Fiddlers' is the first of seven sites for the group. Stay tuned for Molly McGuire's up next!

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