Georgia Air Repair

Georgia Air Specialists is a full service Heating and Cooling company with a complete line of services offered, such as customized maintenance programs, complete system replacement, air balancing, air quality and around the clock service. Georgia Air’s foundation was built around the idea of offering exceptional quality that is backed by an exceptional group of people at an affordable price.

Project Summary

SEO Optimization

Marketing Dashboard

Lead Generation Reports

Email Campaign

Content Writing

Backlink Campaign

Citation Cleanup

Citation Creation

Social Media Campaign

Social Media Integration

Web Design

Web Development


Logo Design

Full CMS

Client Brief

Shall we compare thee to a hot summer day? ‘Magnificent, warm with a slight, cool breeze.’ That’s just what this client ordered when he walked through our doors. In need of a total solution: website, SEO, marketing, logo, branding and more - we jumped immediately at the opportunity to deliver this greatness. Sure to incorporate all things Americana, this website was to include everything an inquiring HVAC customer would need or could possibly want to know (and more!).

Client Solutions

We're hot and we're cold, we're yes and we're... YES! A snazzy gif intro, call-to-actions, FAQs, HVAC resources, tips, pricing, clever icons and overlay images do more than make this site plain cool, this baby is HOT!HOT!HOT! Packed with long tails and fat heads (SEO, ya know?), red-white-&-blue branding, we sure marketed the tail off this client. Content-rich and easy to navigate, this site provides users with ample opportunities to get service, quotes and affordable HVAC installation at their fingertips. Designed to respond on all devices and deliver service at a moment's notice, this client is now fully equipped with CMS, a hot new image and cooler than cool lead tracking system.

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