Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival

The Seafood Festival began in , sixteen years later, we are still mostly an all-volunteer committee of approximately 300 people (with the exception of a few paid entities such as police/safety, fire and emergency staff, bus drivers, and so on). The Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival has grown to a festival of 35,000 attendees featuring some of the best coastal seafood you can find, cooked in a variety of ways, and premiere desserts.

Project Summary

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Client Brief

Richmond Hill's biggest bash was in need a 'big' website which brought them through our doors. Go big or go home, right? In need of a dynamic presentation, site optimization, social media integration, eCommerce ability and a clever way to re-purpose their brand, the future of this website landed safely in our hands.

Client Solutions

With the eager festival goer in mind, Boost redesigned the color scheme and organization of this site?? content. Bringing attention to the main elements of interest that this party has to offer: entertainment, food and drinks, and the price of admission. Further ease of transition to relevant ??eed to knows?? vendors and patrons alike can navigate to a fully responsive event calendar, interactive map and pertinent vendor forms. Plenty of worthwhile mentions in the site?? primary navigation optimize the user experience and also make for a great platform in showcasing the Great Ogeechee Seafood Festival?? social media accounts.

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