Hardcore Savannah

With a top rate fleet and state-of-the art equipment, Hardcore's dedicated team has the technology and resources to provide safe, high-quality, affordable concrete solutions.

Project Summary

Web Design

Web Development


Logo Design

Full CMS

Client Brief

The folks at Hardcore approached Boost in need of a website that not only detailed the many specialized services they offered, but a complete branding and logo design were also necessary. Never ones to shy away from an exciting new project, we endeavored to create a fully responsive, full content management system and aesthetically sound website.

Client Solutions

Got concrete? We do! And never has it looked so bueno. With presentation in mind and content tailored towards customer service, this site is a robust portfolio of all Hardcore has to offer. New and existing clients can browse through the many products and projects at this organization. Contact forms, call-to-action buttons and unique marketing messages round out this site. Quirky sounds and design elements of a typical day on the job make this site all the more personal. Total success!

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