Hope Counseling Center

The center offers parent and child consultation, play therapy, individual and family psychotherapy, parenting workshops, child and adolescent social skills groups, and school advocacy.
The mission of The Hope Counseling Center of Savannah is to provide hope instilling counseling and therapeutic services that encourages each individual to explore, develop and achieve their unique goals in a safe and supportive environment.

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Byron and staff really took the time to listen and connect with the heart and mission of our therapy practice and worked diligently and efficiently from start to finish to bring our vision for our logo and web design to life!

Project Summary

SEO Optimization

Print Design

Web Design

Web Development


Logo Design

Full CMS

Client Brief

Seeking a balance between credibility and approachability, this unique service provider sought out Boost by Design to not only redesign their logo, brand and overall web presence, but to also improve Hope Counseling?? search engine presence. Looking to mimic a warm and gentle feel with coastal landscape accents, the completely redesigned final product was to incorporate an inviting design with an 'open and clean' presentation.

Client Solutions

Ask and you shall receive! Beautiful and harmonious, just like the fundamental client service provided at this establishment, the complete custom revamp of Hope Counseling's website, print media, logo and search engine optimization has transformed this business. Equipped with delicate fonts, subtle images, and a variety of client resources throughout the primary navigation and subsequent pages, the website proves to be a strong foundation for current and prospective clients to rely on. Contact forms, practitioner profiles and the disbursement of useful information tie this service offering together. Discreet but not understated, Hope Counseling shines above their web-based competition.

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