Scmitt Dental

Dr. Schmitt has dedicated his professional life to providing the highest level of care to his patients, placing a strong emphasis on getting to know each patient as an individual, believing the key to a successful doctor-patient relationship is genuine interest in and understanding of their needs.

Project Summary

Web Design

Web Development


Logo Design

Full CMS


Client Brief

Not just in business to clean teeth, Schmitt Dental Clinic was in for some website cleaning and maintenance. Charged with the duty of redesigning the logo, site, and the implementation of search engine optimization, the team at Boost couldn't help but smile. Scraping away at old citations and creating new ones also part of the challenge; full content management system an absolute necessity.

Client Solutions

'The site doctor is in!' We sure fancied up this one. With creativity on the brain, Boost executed a fully responsive web endeavor complete with revamped logo, site content and keywords. Mindful of previous web citations, we swiftly removed the excess all the while creating accurate new ones. Garnering a positive response to this optimized website was made easier with a slick color scheme, library of patient forms, ample coupons, and practitioner profiles. With no shortage of ways to contact this Dentist, you'll find yourself smiling too!

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