SUP It & Sea

Whether you are up for a challenging workout or just a lazy float on the water, SUP it & Sea tailors each custom adventure to your comfort level. SUP it & Sea offers local and destination tours.
With launch sites throughout the Coastal Georgia Area as well as the ability to launch from any public boat ramp or your own private dock. "See you on the water!"

Project Summary

SEO Optimization

Web Design

Web Development

Logo Design

Full CMS

Client Brief

The team at SUP It & Sea wanted Boost to produce a site that "is clean, easy on the eyes and simple to navigate." The theme of the site to be in line with the Coastal Georgia waters and to have an overall "beachy" appeal that incorporates elements of paddleboarding and the 'Aloha' attitude. The final product to include a color scheme with cohesive water tones and to be visually inspiring. Beyond the design scope, our task was to create a website that immediately connected visitors with visually (photo) driven content while at the same time, interactive, social and playfully engaging. Emphasis on the 'returning-user' was instrumental to the design process; galleries, videos, promotions and news updates were to be considered of utmost importance.

Client Solutions

We aimed high and scored on this one! An aesthetically pleasing, fun, website experience that is rich in color and functionality, SUP It & Sea is a user-friendly site. Complete with interactive galleries, modern map displays, and online fillable forms we ensured this site to be 100% responsible making for the most optimal of displays on smart phones, tablets and e-readers. All of the desired social channels were implemented in the final product thus making the gang over at SUP It & Sea even more accessible and readily available to book your next paddleboard adventure!

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