The Ford Academy

The Ford Academy's guiding mission is to provide a safe, structured and age??ppropriate preschool environment staffed by caring, nurturing employees in their clean, safe, and well??aintained childcare facility.

Project Summary

Social Media Integration

Web Design

Web Development


Logo Design

Full CMS

Event Calendar

Client Brief

The leadership of Ford Academy requested a full site and brand re-design. In need of a website that not only ensured proper display and accessibility of pertinent pre-school enrollment forms and classroom information, but also a useful parent resource for the school's theme of the month and food options. To include a colorful representation and playful attitude with smart facts and knowledge behind the leadership and teachings of this preschool. Achieving a strong educational foundation in brand and image was of utmost concern.

Client Solutions

Crayons, color and creativity (makes you smile just thinking about it)! Needless to say, the playful, inventive mind went to work on this one. Fully loaded with downloadable document ability, custom forms, preschool happenings and useful learning tips and tools, parents and children alike can easily navigate through the pages of this website. Grounded in a reliable content management system, the team at the Academy are adept at keeping parents and prospective students up-to-date on the comings and goings at this educational establishment.

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