Urgent Care Center of Richmond Hill

The Urgent Care Center of Richmond Hill offer more than 50 years combined experience by state licensed and board certified medical providers and invite you to make us your urgent care center of choice.

Project Summary

SEO Optimization

Web Design

Web Development

Logo Design

Full CMS

Client Brief

An award winning facility, staff and medical practice, The Urgent Care Center of Richmond Hill needed an equally as impressive website to add to their resume. Intent on a "clean feeling", informative and responsive solution to their existing site, The UCC also asked us to build a site that was equally as engaging, attractive and easy to navigate. A final challenge: meeting the demands of search engines with a site optimized for content and speed, we were game to deliver on the SEO requests as well.

Client Solutions

With the help of a logo redesign, market research and an engaging web design, Boost successfully created a website that delivers the same state-of-the-art presentation that The UCC of Richmond Hill is known for. More than just a beautiful showcase of the facility, providers and abundance of services they provide, clients can also register and 'check-in' for their appointment directly from the website. Functioning as a go-to resource for medical information and current health topics, patrons can use this website to learn more about 'what's happening' in the local community too. Equip with patient forms, policies and procedures, this website is easily navigable, intuitive and certainly easy on the eyes. With every 'click' of a page, excellence in design, functionality and search engine optimization is exemplified; a leading website for a leading healthcare provider in our community.

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