Ward's Auto Painting & Collision

Robbie Ward opened his first Ward?? Auto Painting & Bodyworks in Richmond Hill, GA in 2000. Over the next 6 years we added the current 3 shops in the Savannah area.

Project Summary

Print Design

Web Design

Web Development


Full CMS

Client Brief

"Clean, friendly and trustworthy." To be the building blocks of this auto body shop's full site re-design. Ward's also requested SEO Optimization, eCommerce integration and a design overhaul of their print deliverables. Traditional site presentation and an easily navigable website full of pertinent facts and answers to the most important questions customers ask in the auto body industry.

Client Solutions

We can (and did) do ??ll of the above.?? Crisp and clean, this redesigned website is not only informative, it radiates class. 'Tricked out' with all sorts of testimonials, reviews, an appointment scheduling system, insightful blog posts, and an abundance of geo location information, current and potential clients can further rave about the service at Ward's Auto Body & Repair. A 'boost' in search engine rankings also never hurts, so sure enough we thwarted Ward's website into the spotlight with the optimization of keywords and ad placement. Advocates for safety and superior service, Ward's online presence is a testament to their hard work and inviting atmosphere.

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