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Do you know what kind of experience are your customers looking for? When we build a website that's the most important question we answer. Most savvy business owners know they need to have an online presence but they may not exactly know why or how. Creating a website is about extending your business avenues and making sure that your website works just as hard as you do for your business.

Web design for your customers, not other designers.

We start by researching what your customers want, to maximize conversions.
Our design process starts before we even pick colors. A solid strategic foundation of a what creates great visitor experience needs to underly any design we come up with. We research and study the lastest design trends and visitor expectations to provide a business-centric experience. It may seem severe but everything from the color of the buttons to how the information of the page is laid out is tested and re-tested until we provide customers with what they are looking for. Great design should be so seamless that you don't even notice it and in great design everything should serve the purpose of helping prove how awesome you are!
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Developing websites the right way, the first time.

We consistently build and refine your website for a solid foundation.
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We have a multi-stage web design, develop, and approval process where we review all the elements of the site functionality and design. Why? So that we don't lose sight of what your website is being built to accomplish. Different businesses have different goals and we tailor your site to work best for you. In addition to following the best practices for reliability, ease of use, and speed we also future-proof your site. By anticipating what you may need down the road our design process makes it faster (and cheaper for you) to add or change just about any element of your website.
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Mobile responsive, conversion optimization, and very pretty.

We work hard to make sure your website works hard for you.
This is what it all boils down to: one great website. We could talk coding languages, specific design theories, and all sorts of nerdy things. However the only questions that really need to be answered are; does your website provide a great user experience, help convince potential customers to become actual customers, and do exactly what you want it to do? At Boost we make sure that answer is always yes (and still manage to make a great looking website)!
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