It’s a Social Media Extravanganzaaaaaahhhhh!! (Part One)

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Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Yahoo! Answers, LinkedIn, Google+, Tagged, Tumblr, and Instagram.  As you may know, I’m a self-proclaimed Facebook and Pinterest guru, have been known to Tweet nonsensical things from time to time and post most of my award-worthy pics via Instagram.  I guess you could say I’m a bit of a Social Media Diva here in the Savannah area (well, compared to my Mom anyway).  I have to admit, however, when I stumbled on this list of the “Top 10 Social Networking Sites by Market Share of Visits”, I had never even heard of some of these!  *GASP*  What have I been missing out on?  Should I be using ALL of them?  None of them?  How do they work?  Why have I never heard of them?  Where did they come from??  Have no fear because, once again, the InterGoogle has come to the rescue!

Here is a synopsis for the first 5 of the Top 10 Social Networking Sites

(Don’t worry, I’ll synopsisize the other 5 next week- it’s just too  much info to digest in one sitting!  Yes, synopsisize is a real word.) :

Facebook –  THE premier Social Networking Site.  With 1.1 billion users as of May 2013, you (and your Grandma) already know what Facebook is all about.  Next, please…

YouTube –   A video-sharing website, on which users can upload, view and share videos.  YouTube has lots of cool stuff to check out, from makeup tutorials to auto repair to new music videos to birthday parties to talking fruit and everything in between.  Don’t, however, leave your 4yr old watching monster truck videos while you take a quick shower.  Monster trucks and boobs are mere clicks away from eachother on YouTube.  At least that’s the story I heard…  Oh yes, YouTube also has 1 billion users, and has 4 billion views per day!

Twitter –  An online “microblogging” service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”.  What does “Twitter” mean?  A short burst of inconsequential information.  That’s exactly what Twitter is, chirps from birds.  Twitter is a great place to follow over 500 million celebrities and friends alike, especially if you want to know exactly how and when they eat, go potty and sleep.

Pinterest An uber-addicting virtual pinboard for collecting and organizing things you love.  Want to get fit?  Create a fitness pinboard and “pin” healthy meals, workouts and tips to get you there.  You can plan your wedding, remodel your old house, get inspired for your new house, learn how to clean your existing house using only baking soda, contour your face and your butt and plan dinner for the next five years on Pinterest.  Seriously, the possibilities and information here are endless!  (You can’t tell I’m a junkie, can you?)  48.7 million other people are junkies too!

Yahoo!Answers –  A place where people ask and answer questions on any topic.  Your question stays open for 4 days (although you can shorten or extend this time) and anyone can answer.  After an hour, you can pick the best answer or let the community pick the best answer for you.  You earn points by asking, answering and being chosen as the best answer.  Points for what, you ask?  For me, this is where Yahoo!Answers falls apart.   Points get you status, a higher “level”, if you will.  No thanks.  Can’t I just ask my Facebook friends or Tweet my question??  Btw, Yahoo!Answers has been around since 2005, who knew?!

That’s it for now!  Stay tuned for my next entry when I will BLOW your mind with the final 5 of the Top 10 Social Networking Sites by Market Share of Visits.  Sounds fascinating- bet you can hardly wait!!

For more info, check out our exciting Social Media Optimization Presentation.  Have a super duper day!