Super Easy Social Media Tips

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Social media is still a relatively new phenomena in the small business world. It might seem like there are no defined common practices that help your business grow using social media. Also, you may speculate whether the time you’re investing in platforms like Facebook and Twitter are worth the investment.

Between doubting the effectiveness of social media and all the bewildering options that can make setting up a strategy very difficult, it is obvious why a small business owner may shy away from leveraging what social media has to offer. Boost By Design wants to help you through the maze of social media strategies and assure you a good return on your time because doubts or not, there are a lot of potential customers on these platforms just waiting to know about your business.

One of the most obvious benefits of this type of marketing is how accessible it is for you to make some type of presence in social media. Just sit down in front of your computer and roll up your sleeves. So here are a couple of tips to help you get started on your own in-house social media marketing.


Get visual:


We mentioned in our previous post on how to write engaging content that using images is a compelling way to get potential customers interested in what you have to say. This is no different on social media platforms. Visual content is a large part of social media and sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat are entirely based on images. Matter of fact, Facebook photos generate 53% more Likes than the average post.

super easy social media tips

The trick is to find relevant and attention grabbing images that draw your potential customer base toward a particular goal like clicking through to your content or liking your page. As a word of caution, it’s best not to take pictures down from the web because you might run into copyright infringement issues. This is where it’s beneficial to have a digital marketing agency at your disposal because they have access to a vast catalog of royalty free images. Memberships to stock photo subscriptions can be cost prohibitive. However, you may also find some limited free images that won’t cause copyright issues at sites like
Pexels if you’re looking to generate some social media content on your own.

An often overlooked content strategy is that you can use multiple images to promote the same content on your site. It may sound strange to do another post that goes to the same article but actually, you want to recirculate your posts for better user engagement. The key is to change the image and headline text so that your social media content isn’t duplicated. Images are really helpful with this strategy because you can use a different one each time to highlight a certain part of your content. In short, don’t be afraid to post multiple times; just make sure you are highlighting something different about your article with each post. Multiple exposure is a big factor in marketing.


Know the right time to post:


The instinct of most small business owners is to create a post on Facebook for instance and then in a frenzied rush, publish it regardless of time of day. This can create disappointing results and it’s important to get an idea of when your key demographic is more active on the platform you’re targeting.

super easy social media tips

Some of this will be common sense. For instance, posting at midnight on a Sunday is probably not a wise idea if you are trying to target people who work from 9-5. Before you hit send, try to anticipate the habits of your key demographic and what would be a prime social media time for them. Some of it will be trial and error. You’ll want to keep track of which posts get the most engagement and see if there is a pattern with the timing. This may not come as surprise when you think about it but activity on social media tends to climb as we move closer toward the weekend and also into the afternoon.

If you are looking for some hard data to determine a schedule for posting, you can also rely on some of the analytics provided by social media platforms. These tools can give you valuable insight into what time is best to post and also help you come up with future ideas as you get to know your customers’ preferences.

Facebook Insights is a great way to get an idea of user activity. For instance, it can help you see when your fans are online. Just click on the Posts link on the left hand side of the Insights Bar and you’ll get an informative graph which in this example shows that Wednesday at 9:00 PM is probably the best time to post content:


super easy social media tips

In case your audience is more of a national one, then it’s good to know that
almost 80% of the US population is in the Eastern and Central time zones. A good rule of thumb is that these two time zones would be an ideal base to reach most of the US population through your social media content.

Obviously, there is a whole art to becoming a social media wizard but hopefully these two ideas give you some ideas on how to start up your in-house social media marketing. Should you want to step it up a couple of notches and save some time, we’d be happy to talk with you about how Boost By Design can turn your social media presence into a profitable online strategy.