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Kicking ass since 2011.

Byron Atkinson

Byron has a passion for learning, growing, and making good friends along the way. As a business owner for 13+ years, his experience ranges from the law to nonprofits, to disaster recovery and government contracting.

Git-R-Done Director


Jeremy Miller

Jeremy honed his skills & dodged bullets in the bustling metropolis, Chicago. Mint Juleps & Seersucker called, so he crossed the Mason-Dixon to Savannah to wield his digital marketing chops & help grow savvy businesses.

SEO Cowboy


Chaeli Shields

34.MBA.Blonde(all natural).

Project Ninja


Karin Atkinson

Karin loves to have fun. Most of the time she’s pushing paper on the admin side of things so she really relishes her role as “Chief Hoopla Officer” when she gets to stir up shenanigans all over the place!!

Chief Hoopla Officer


You may notice we’re not a typical
creative agency.

Gina Orlando

Gina is our web wizard, design nerd, native New Yorker, cartoon junkie, lover of all things cute, and crazy cat lady. More than anything, she's über passionate about impacting the world through user centered design.

Web Wizard


Zack Adams

Zack is our consummate onsite optimizer, food eating fanatic, web developer, and video game aficionado. He loves learning new tools to make any job more efficient. He's also been known to binge watch a whole show in one day.

Onsite Optimizer


Gary Kramer

Gary’s our Jersey-bred, Google certified, marketing degree holding ad man. He spends his days growing businesses through lean, mean, digital ad campaigns, and his nights writing scores that can be heard on Nat Geo, TLC, & Discovery Channel.

Marketing Magician


Alex Shimalla

Alex's writing career began with tales about princesses living in NYC. She shifted gears, (although she still loves to be royalty) and now writes about growing businesses, helping them achieve their dreams.

Copy Queen


Sinan Chen

Meet our imagination interpreter, OCD sufferer, soccer lover, and UX geek who hates drop-downs. Sinan loves that design is part psychology, part sociology, and part magic. For our clients, her designs are magic!

We'll miss you and good luck!


Creating fearless brands

is what we do.

Brand Development

Branding and Design

Your brand deserves a cohesive, authentic identity that demands attention. We’re just the folks to help you develop one - and provide a solid strategy to elevate it.

Web Development

You’re awesome. Your website should reflect that. That’s why our website creation process starts with deep strategy and research to ensure your site reflects to latest design trends and responds to customer expectations.

Content Creation

Want to be a leader in your industry? Then, the one thing you absolutely must have, is engaging content that builds trust with your audience. There, the secret’s out.

Brand Outreach

SEO Campaigns

Participation awards don’t earn business on the internet. With 90% of traffic going to the first page of Google our creative agency makes sure our strategies get you there and keep you on top.

PPC Management

With our PPC management, you’ll be taking advantage of the latest tactics appropriate for your project, to ensure maximum results with minimum investment. Cha-ching.

Social Media Management

Whether or not you use, your customers do. We’ll make your brand stand out in the crowded landscape and have your customers singing from the rafters.

Where to find us

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