Just who do we think we are?

We dismiss self-indulgent marketing fluff, and just do the stuff that works.
We’re not a web design factory cranking out websites like cheeseburgers. We’re the spirited rebels, not the galactic empire. Our passion is helping small businesses put their best foot forward on the web. If we recommend an online marketing tactic to our client, it’s because we would do the same for ourselves.

What happened when Comfort Keepers of Savannah
teamed up with Boost by Design?

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A few of our awesome clients.

Hint: They’re all our favorites.
  • "Working with Boost was a great experience, they understand the challenges of making an impact..."
  • "Byron & his team of experts go above and beyond... Professional, Competitive, Cutting Edge- I could go on & on!"
  • "Boost by design the Creative Approach team loves you."
  • "The team has really worked hard increasing my ranking and conversions with double digit increases!"
  • "A foundation of our success, from desktop to mobile devices, Boost has delivered Guests to our door."

How do we accomplish so much?

We focus our web design efforts on creative marketing solutions and measurable results specific to your business. We take a holistic approach designed to respond to industry trends giving you long term success. Oh yeah… we also use a lot of elbow grease.

Web design that wows

Savannah web design

SEO that ranks

Savannah SEO

Internet marketing for real results

Savannah internet marketing

We’re award winning for a reason.

We learn just as hard as we work, constantly improving, just for you.

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