Great content tips, high school & new age gurus

Posted by Alex
on 09/8/16

One of the most daunting challenges for your business is generating content for your online presence. The bad news is: there is no way around it. If you want potential customers to understand your company’s purpose, you have to tell a compelling story and illustrate why you’re the best at what you do.

It’s like the dreadful first day of high school, when that one sadistic teacher asks each student to stand up and say a little about themselves. The palms start to sweat; the mind goes blank. It’s the same soul searching question that has plagued adolescents since the dawn of time: “What do I say without looking like an ass?!”

Creating Content Can Get Emotional

The only difference with online content is that you’re usually flipping out in front of a blank screen instead of a group of your peers so there’s at least that consolation. The fears of self disclosure aside, there are a lot ways to deliver great content for your company without triggering some latent prepubescent trauma.

Potential customers aren’t so much concerned about you personally as they are your company’s expertise and reputation. To break it down further: whether it is practical or emotional—it’s the connection you make with people that gets them interested. And that’s where we can all learn a thing or two from new age gurus.

If deadlifting empathy ever became part of CrossFit, these guys and gals would crush it. No matter whether we’re talking about the sincere ones or not, they all share the ability to tap into what motivates their target demographic. If you too channel your own inner guru by getting to know what motivates your customer base, then your online messages will resonate with those you are trying to serve. Just a word of advice: stay on target with your profession and try not to be the floor guy who charges a little extra for the meaning of life.

Content & Images

Lastly, let’s mention a little about images. We get caught up with words so much when it comes to our online presence that we forget about how powerful images are. More than anything else, the internet is a visual medium. People respond exponentially faster and stronger to images than they do text.

An image is clearly more than a thousand words; it can instantaneously light a fire under potential customers and be the ultimate close that makes the sale. The important part is to always include good, relevant images that bring whatever you write to life. Unless, of course, it’s a post about your fashion sense in high school. It’s best to leave that to the reader’s imagination for some things are better forgotten.