Our Intro To Google AdWords

Posted by Gary
on 09/21/15

When was the last time you reviewed your Google Analytics data and optimized your Google AdWords campaign? Do you make it a priority to review your monthly data and re-target your advertisements based on the real numbers? Are you thinking: “What do you mean? I have been running the same ad for the past year, and it seems to be working just fine.”

Unless you are able to interpret your Google Analytics data and figure out which keywords are generating the highest rates of return to your site (along with conversions), how do you know for sure that your site is working just fine? Are you scratching your head yet? Stay with us while we brief you on the art of AdWords.

We are AdWords Certified, as well as a Google Partner. Let’s share with you a few ways we can work to help make your digital advertising campaign much better than “working just fine.”

We optimize your ad for the best keyword phrases.

This is done by interpreting the Quality Score that Google’s algorithms assigns to your advertisements. Suffice it to say that generally speaking, the higher the score is, the higher your conversion rate will be.

What might seem to be small changes within the text can wind up making a huge difference in conversion rates. While it is true that there are commonly recognized best practices in copywriting, there is no exact prediction tool to allow you to know what your customer is going to be motivated by without running different campaigns (this is why we like the “Art of Adwords” phrase we referred to above). One of the best ways to run these performance tests is to split the ads by the different headlines we choose. Which call to action is preferred by your customers? Which keywords are proven converters? We can run the tests and figure this out.

We will focus and consider your geographic performance on your advertising budget.

In order to get the most from your online advertising budget, it is important to know which areas are generating the most business for your site. For instance, if we know that “Richmond Hill” is not performing as well as your “Savannah” target area ads, we want to funnel more of the budget in support of the Savannah target area campaigns.

We will weed out the negative keywords.

This is one exercise that most of our customers are surprised to hear. Everyone has a general idea of the concept of keyword advertising. Did you know in order to be the most competitive, you also have to consider the impact of negative keywords? We use Analytics to review reports that show us what other information is generated online.  From the phrases we chose to feature for your advertisement. This is important because it can help us keep your ad targeted to your actual customers, instead of just showing up in front of random internet users!

We know how to remarket your campaigns to help conversions.

You know all that traffic you get from people either accidentally clicking on your ad, or the traffic you get from people who only spend a few seconds on your page? A lot of your budget can be wasted by mobile users who are accidentally clicking on your ad. We can determine what we believe is “accidental traffic” versus the users who are actively looking. Then, we can refocus our efforts on the true shoppers and further market to your real customers.

We can also decide how we want to target mobile users. If you take nothing else away from this article, please take this i you are targeting to mobile users. Make sure your call to action is for the customer to call you, not to “read more” or “visit us.”

And so, this is our quick start brief on how we would propose getting your advertisements optimized for Google AdWords. Let us know when you want to get started!

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